An Introduction to TikTok Ads for Beginners

The TikTok app’s popularity and usage have exploded in only a few short years. It had one billion users all across the world by April 2022. In addition, we covered the basics of TikTok and how it may be used for marketing in our previous essay.

In addition to these methods, spending money on TikTok ads might help your business stand out to the app’s users. Consider integrating ads to get more views and likes for TikTok video ads and bring a large audience to your brand.

TikTok advertising works differently than on other social media platforms. This piece offers an in-depth look at how to make the most of TikTok’s advertising opportunities.

When it comes to advertising on TikTok, who should take notice?

Many large corporations, including Chipotle, Guess, and Fenty Beauty, have used the TikTok advertising platform to market their products. One thing all of these businesses have in common is that their products translate nicely to the TikTok format for shorter forms of video.

TikTok allows businesses to show off their products in action while giving buyers all the information they need in a brief video. It might be challenging for B2B enterprises trying to show off their style when offering sophisticated services. Yet, it is ideal for businesses aimed at the general public who want to replace monotonous commercials with engaging content.

Learn How to Make Advertising for TikTok

Now that you know what kinds of ads may be made on TikTok, we’ll dive into how to use your ad account.

Step 1: You must register for a TikTok business account.

A TikTok account may be created quickly and easily using the Advertising Manager.

Choose whether you’ll be using this account for business or pleasure, and last, select your country or billing region. Just click the “Next” button to continue.

Your name, email, and password are required—key in the verification code sent to your inbox. Once signing up using a phone number, verification codes are sent to the registered phone.

To sign up if you agree to the terms, please use the “Sign Up” option.

Once your business’s logo has been approved, you can enter your control panel and finish the basic account configuration. As a next step, here’s what you should do to create TikTok ads:

Step 2: Build and configure your TikTok Pixel for use.

The next step is to incorporate the TikTok Pixel, a piece of code that monitors and reports user behavior on your site back to TikTok (including the source of the user’s visit, the sort of device they are using, and their geographic location).

To create a Pixel in either “Standard Mode” or “Development Mode,” you must first create a “Web Event” in your TikTok Advertising Manager. Verify your cookie permission settings before releasing your Pixel. The next step is to download or copy the Pixel code and paste it into the head> section of your page.

Step 3: Launch a brand-new advertising campaign.

Create a brand new promotional drive by clicking the “Campaigns” tab and the “New” button. Clickthroughs, in-app purchases, and app downloads can all be boosted using this function.

Step 4: Organize your ads into groups.

You must first create an ad group to define your advertising objectives, budget constraints, and ad rotation.

Decide on the focus of the advertising:

Select “App Install” or “Website” to promote an app or website.

You get to pick where on TikTok your ads will appear.

If you are starting with TikTok ads, we recommend that you select “Automatic placement” so that we can carefully put your ads for maximum exposure and return. Besides the video-sharing platform, TikTok has a news feed app that may display ads.

Decide on where you want to focus your imagination.

In the “Automated Creative Optimization” mode, TikTok will re-create your material based on user feedback to determine which iteration is most successful. You may turn this feature off whenever you like.

Choose who you want to do business with:

You may narrow the scope of your advertising to a specific audience by choosing their region, gender, and age. You may select the language of the content itself in addition to selecting a language, adding people with specific interests, and inviting those who have interacted with your stuff before.

There are several shipping choices to choose from.

You can opt for either standard or expedited delivery. Your ad will be displayed at high-traffic times consistently for the duration of your ad delivery term with standard delivery. Your advertising budget will be spent efficiently and effectively with expedited delivery, allowing you to swiftly and efficiently reach the greatest possible audience.

Step 5: Create a New Commercial

When an ad group is created, ads may be configured. TikTok ads may be either videos or still images. For best results, please use the recommended ad settings. This ensures your ad looks excellent on TikTok and its partner networks.

When you create an ad group, you can give all the ads in it a name that will help you tell them apart. For optimum effect, you may lengthen your ad wording by anything from 12 to 100 characters. This content will appear before your advertisement.

Step 6: monitor the efficacy of your advertisements.

Putting out an advertisement does not imply you are through with it; you must monitor its performance. Using TikTok’s in-app analytics, you can track the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions for your ads. You may also test different ads in different places to see which ones perform best.


Some users may find the concept of advertising on TikTok to be foreign to their experience with similar campaigns on other social media platforms. If you understand how TikTok advertising works, you may be pleasantly pleased by its benefits to your business. It’s essential to keep things as straightforward as possible so that the app’s varied and always-on-the-go user base can swiftly and easily absorb your message.

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