Everything You Need To Know About The Best Side Mirror Covers For Cars

   Even while your car is in park mode, your car’s door mirror might be scuffed, or even dented, by other vehicles on the road. It’s possible that it’s in good condition and you just want to show your support for your favourite sports team. To ensure your car is well-protected and beautiful, this article will help you select among the best side mirror covers for cars available.

Why Buy-Side Mirror Covers?

Cover Scratches And Scuffs

Many factors contribute to side mirror damage. Not to mention, they’re an eyesore and devalue your vehicle. You may use a door mirror cover as a cosmetic fix or as a preventative safety measure for your automobile.

Protect From Damage

Most mirror covers are composed of a plastic material that’s meant to endure for many years and keep your car safe from things like other drivers’ bumps and youngsters on bicycles, as well as the rain, ice, and snow that can fall on it.

Custom Appearance

As an example, let’s assume you don’t want to be like someone and fly your favourite football team’s flag out of your vehicle window. You may exhibit your fandom more originally with a side view mirror cover: Use the team’s colours and logo to decorate your mirrors. A variety of college and university logos are included on the covers, as well as national flags.

Promote your company

You may promote your business or product by wearing a pair of custom-ordered automobile mirror socks.

Types Of Side Mirror Covers

Mirror Covers In Plastic

These stick-on mirror covers are ideal for covering scratched and damaged door mirrors thanks to their high-quality ABS plastics. In the sun, your car’s rear-view mirrors will sparkle and remain scratch-resistant thanks to a chrome coating. Automotive tape is used to attach chrome side-view mirror covers to the vehicle’s existing covers.

Mesh And Vinyl Mirror Coverages

Wing mirror covers may be made from a variety of other fabrics, including spandex, polyester, and vinyl. Just like a vanity licence plate, you may display pride in your alma mater or favourite sports team by selecting your chosen mirror covers. You can also choose to reflect your country’s flag on the cover of your book. It’s easy and inexpensive to protect your car’s mirrors from the elements. It’s possible to keep your fingertips from coming into contact with any ice or frost.

Side Mirror Covers From The Best Brands


Dorman Products, Inc., a publicly listed firm based in Colmar, Pennsylvania, has been in operation since 1918. Dorman’s assortment of more than 130,000 automotive goods includes OEM replacement parts from throughout the country. The Dorman 959-001 Driver Side Door Mirror Cover is a popular choice.


Putco, a company that has been around for more than 50 years, promises to have “the most extensive and distinctive selection” of automobile accessories. With an LED production line in place, the Des Moines-based firm expanded into a 126,000-square-foot building in 2013. Putco 401161 Mirror Cover is one of their most popular items.

Cost Of Car Side Mirror Covers

Less Than $50

Choosing among the items available in this price range is all about getting the most bang for your buck. The majority of fabric-based mirror brands and automobile mirror socks are available at this price.


Mount-on ABS plastic mirror coverings from well-known companies may be found in the mid-range. A chrome-plated mirror cover or a pair that match or contrast with the colour of your automobile is entirely up to you.


High-quality materials and well-known brands are used to create the products in this section. Truck chrome mirror covers may cost more than those for SUVs and passenger vehicles, depending on the model.

Key Features To Look For

Right Fit

To guarantee that your vehicle mirror cover repair goes as easily as possible, your mirror covers must be suitable for your car, truck, or SUV so that they fit.


Rearview mirror coverings for automobiles have both general and particular benefits.


It’s all about personal preference when it comes to covering a mirror.

Conclusion – Other Considerations

What’s The Difference Between Abs Plastic And Fabric?

Stick-on coverings made of automotive-grade ABS plastic are the most common. It’s long-lasting and built to withstand wear and tear. Plastic covers come in a variety of styles, from chrome to single- or multi-colored, and are both functional and fashionable.

Brands Of Vinyl Mirror

Using the same UV-resistant vinyl as automobile brands, you can protect your side-view mirrors with the mirror brand. The mirror brands come in universal hues like black and carbon fibre, which are both comfortable and stylish.